Took the ten thirty flight back to London.

For my unit 3 coursework, I am intending to make a collage of photographs I took in Spain.

I will try to make it like a summary of this diary by scattering the phographs on a cardboard ramdomly,

rather than neatly placing them in order.

I will mix the colour photographs and the black and white photographs and will try to express the

bustling city of Madrid.

I am not sure how well I did with emulating the four photographers in my preliminary research,

however, I am convinced that studying other people's works does make a difference,

in a way that you will get inspirations whilst you are walking,

or even from an ordinary scenary,

and you will be able to see an object from a totally different perspective.

Lastly, if I had more time, I will have added a thorough comment on each of my favorite photographs I took during this trip

with particular reference to the artist I was inspired by.

Perhaps I can do this in my next opportunity.

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