As the the Youth Group is organising a BBQ

on next Saturday, we spent the afternoon preparing.

Since the location of this BBQ will be at the river,

I faced oppositions from pastors from other churches,

saying not to swim in the river and bring swim suits,

which confounded me to a great extent,

as I was planning a BBQ inviting my non-Christian friends,

which makes it difficult to apply the parish rule

which prohibits swimming.

I have a tendency to confront to people,

who oppose me with disagreeable reasons.

This time, I confronted head to head with many

people, using logic and common sense.

But it was a really bad idea,

At the end of the day, I obtained no satisfaction,

just regret and a feeling of anger.

Sometimes, it is important to accept other

people's opinions even though it seems difficult to agree.

Sometimes, it is important to let go of my ego.

Dear God, I'm sorry for my arrogance

and aggressiveness,

please make this a wonderful BBQ,

one for a great memory.

And may Your Spirit be upon us.

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