08/07/11 今日は、会社の創立記念日で休みだった。 お茶の水に行き、とうとうギターを買ってしまった! カナダ産の良い材木を使っているらしい。 音も良い! ただ、弾き手の腕がイマイチだ! 本腰入れて、練習しようかな。 Today was the company's anniversary day, so it was a day off! I went to Ochanomizu and bought this new guitar at last! It's made in Canada and supposedly made of quality wood. The sound is good too. But my skill is not good enough unfortunately... So I really need to practice. Yesterday   Tomorrow 1 year ago 2 years ago 3 years ago 4 years ago 5 years ago 6 years ago 7 years ago