18/07/11 Daichi君とTsuru君と北八ヶ岳に行って来た。 ロープウェイで上まで登り、 北横岳経由で双子池まで行って帰って来た。 ごっつい岩がたくさんあるルートで、 膝にかなり負担がかかった。 予想以上にハードだった。 Went climbing in North Yatsugatake with Daichi and Tsuru-san. We went direct to the peak using the cable car, and hiked across the peaks of mountains. There were a lot of large rocks, which made the climbing down really difficult, the rocks really killed our knees. 北横岳の頂上にて。 The peak of Kita Yokodake. 「これは良く燃える」と度々立ち止まって、 あちらこちらに落ちている苔や木屑を見つけて喜ぶTsuruさん。 どうやら、彼は火打石で火をおこすことを楽しみにしていたらしい。 Tsuru-san was delighted to have found a moss, saying "aha, this will burn very well". He was planning to use his survival kit to "manually" kindle the fire. しかし、結局彼の火打石作成は大失敗に終わった。 自然は思ったよりも手強かったらしい。 また次回ね。 However, his attempt to kindle the fire using the flint failed. He was very dissapointed, perhaps next time! Yesterday   Tomorrow 1 year ago 2 years ago 3 years ago 4 years ago 5 years ago 6 years ago 7 years ago