20/07/11 祈祷会が既に終わった時間に教会に行き、キャンプの準備をする。 Yoshida家はまだ残っており、 アブラハム・リンカーンに匹敵するKinoちゃんの大演説を拝聴する事が出来た。 彼女は将来大物になる。 I went to church late at night to prepare for the camp, which is this weekend. All the people who attended the prayer meeting has left, except for the Yoshida family. I was able to listen to a great speech by Ms Kino, she will certainly become a great historical figure like Abraham Lincoln. Yesterday   Tomorrow 1 year ago 2 years ago 3 years ago 4 years ago 5 years ago 6 years ago 7 years ago