努力しなくては、良い写真は撮れないらしい。今日、歯医者でNational Geographicという雑誌を読んでいたが、


                                        Bought a tripod at Argos for £14.99.  It weighs 1.15kg, and can be extended to maximum of 151.5cm.  There's
                                        a lot of ways in which a tripod can be useful, e.g. it won't blur even with the slow shutter-speed, you can be in
                                        a picture when you're travelling alone and such. 

                                        I was struck by the depth of photo taking recently after my father told me little about it.  When taking photos,
                                        you should have your own 'theme' even when you're targeting a same object.  It is always important to think
                                        about the composition of the picture, but more importantly, you need to make a lot of effort on acquring a
                                        good light, which you need to get up early in the morning or patiently wait till the sunset and all.  I was reading
                                        National Geographic 
while I was waiting at a dentist.  The pictures in that magazine were so good that even
                                        a layman like me can notice instantly that this picture was taken by a professional.  It really encouraged me
                                        to learn more about photography. 

                                        Today was the last day at a dentist and I am happy for it.  I will perfectly blush my teeth from now on.

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