Visited Sam's house with Judith.

We arrived at Bicester North station around two'oclock in the afternoon.

Sam came to the station to pick us up with his sister, Charotte's car.

When we arrived, we were very warmly welcomed by his family.

This will be my third visit and first for Judith.

Sam made us some sandwiches, which were all very nice and had some Tesco's sushi as well.

At around three-ish, Sam's church friend Laurie came to visit.

After short break from our journey, we decided to look around the town of Oxford.

I was very excited, as I haven't taken any decent photos in years. 

I was so excited to the extent that I was able to completely disregard the fact

that I look like a pure Japanese, wearing glassess with camera hanged from my neck.

Anyway, with Sam's driving, we left for the lovely town of Oxford.

It started raining while we were in the car and still was when we arrived, which made all like Britain.

We first visited the Christ Church, which was at the outskirts of the city.

Paying two pounds, we entered one of the loveliest church in England.

Harry Potter's Dining Room as they call it (I lied), was magnificient.

The dim candles, the stained-glass and old drawings were making this room's atmosphere so grand, so harry-potterish, I was outstruck really.

It was a room full of mysteries and exciting stories, I just loved it.

Feeling chuffed and all, we had a quick tour of Oxford.

Laurie was quite professional with guiding us through the town, every here and there, she'll stop and explain the

stories behind it, which was quite all interesting.

Although it was raining the whole afternoon, we had a lovely time indeed.

We left the town at arond six and at half past six, we were invited to have dinner with Sam's family.

"The Trouts" was such a lovely pub, was more like a restaurant.

As the name implies it, there's a river running just behind the pub, which made me want to go fishing again.

I ordered "Hunters Chicken" as they named it, was all delicous.

Feeling happy and merry, we decided to visit sam's grandparent's house, which was near Oxford.

Since I've met them last year, they were unvaryingly nice people.

Had a nice cup of tea and chocolates and a big laugh.

The day was packed with excitement, was such a great day.

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