The second day in Bicester.

Nicely started the day off with Jaguar, as we headed for the church.

Jaguar certainly smelled different from ordinary cars, in short, it was posh.

Anyhow, we arrived at the Orchard Baptist Fellowship (church) at half past ten just.

It was a church service held in a school gym sort of place.

When we arrived, there were group of people singing, with all the instruments you can possibly imagine, which I thought was good.

The pastor was a very nice gentleman; his sermon was certainly very clear and interesting.

There was loads of children and young people in this church making it ever so energetic.

As we came back from Church at around one, I heard someone's scream.

The screaming was from Tony, having found out the fact that he forgot to put the beef in the oven.

While waiting, I played checkers with Sam, in which I beat the heaven out of him, hehe.

The dinner was great, lamb with vegetables - I'm very poor at describing foods.

But as a matter of fact, it was indescribably good!

Nicholas, Sam's friend, joined after dinner and we decided to take Peggy and Hugo, the neighbor's dog, for a walk.

The day was just so beautiful - one of those lovely winter days.

We walked for about an hour, was so refreshing, but was extremely cold.

It was just about sunset when we came back.

Had a cup of tea and a cake, watched telly and left the house at half past six in the evening.

It was such a lovely weekend and so nice to get out of Birmingham and meet new people.

Thank you so much for your hospitality Tony, Teresa, Charlotte and Samsung!

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