Subway, the sandwich store, opened recently in my office building.

Hence my dinner for yesterday and today was Subway's Veggie Delight.

While eating this Veggie Delight, I did a simple cross-cultural study.

I believe, that at any Subway in the UK, if you ask to "add more olives",

you will literally get a handful of olives, sometimes as much as covering the whole layer of lettuce. I am speaking this from my own experience of once working part-time at Subway in the UK.

I remember, that I've ripped many sandwiches apart by putting too much vegetables (of course, because the customers asked me to).

However, if you make the same request in a Japanese Subway,

you will get, "four" olives, instead of the usual "two". Wonderful.

I couldn't believe my own eyes, when this guy meticulously placed olives one by one, neatly and evenly on the sandwich.

I'm not surprised that the Japanese high-tech industry is one of the strongest in the world - I think Japanese are sometimes too too serious.

I was made to work until midnight again, by the Japanese culture that we're sooooo proud of.

But to be honest,

I can't care less whether they'll be one olives, two olives, or four olives,

because you know what?

I think there should be as much olives as they fit on the damn bread and it won't make a slightest difference should there be 100 olives or 10000 olives to my eyes.

Give me some sleep now.

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