いいなあー 僕もまたヨーロッパの空気を吸いたい。

Had lunch with Luna, a friend from Aston, in Shibuya.

Last time I saw her was almost a year ago.

I asked her about how her second year went, she said, it went fine.

I congratulated her on getting an offer from an university in Spain,

where she'll be studying for a year.

I wish I can go to Europe again... I wish.


World Press Photo08 という展示を観る。

I said good bye to Luna and went to the Photographer's gallery in Ebisu.

I saw an exhibition called "World Press Photo08",

it was good.

But I don't think I can ever become a press photographer,

a thought that makes me sad.


意外とうちの大学の卒業生ネットワークは広いことを知る。 今度の卒業生宛の雑誌apexにこの写真が載るらしい。


In the evening from half past six,

I went to Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku to attend this Aston reunion kind of event.

Basically, Aston's Marketing Director was in Japan on a business trip,

and the alumini office managed to organise this event.

I was surprised to see so many Aston graduates in Japan, it felt weird.

But shame I didn't know anyone...

Nice day.

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